Issue fifteen once more tackles the theme of East Meets West! A lengthy article showcases the amazing animated partnership between American studio Filmation, and Japanese studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, when the two created the Zorro series. The most beautifully animated episode of The Transformers is visually showcased, as is the worst-looking episode of The Real Ghostbusters, proving that outsourcing was not always a good thing. AKOM's questionable work on The Transformers is also examined. The appearances of characters from SilverHawks (and one from ThunderCats) in anime-based productions are highlighted in one article. The much-celebrated anime cartoon Dogtanian is finally given a chance to shine in the pages of the magazine. And another article takes a look at some of the most questionable edits to the Battle of the Planets cartoon. Other shows covered include G.I. Joe, He-Man, Inhumanoids, and She-Ra.

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